Monday, January 29, 2007

Playdate with Ms. Gabriela

We had our friends Susan and Gabi over for a playdate on Sunday. They have become great friends since we met them through our adoption agency at the beginning of our process. Gabriela is another adorable Guate Princesa and hopefully a lifelong amiga to Dani. We love playing with them. They discovered how much they like to give eachother besos (kisses) yesterday and it became quite the scene. TOO CUTE. We were in stitches. Here are some pics of the kissing fest :-)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dani helps her Daddy

We had a great day today. Finally had a free Saturday to just get stuff done around the house. Daniela is such a blast right now. I am loving every minute with her. She is pointing to everything now and trying new words. Some a little easier to decipher than others! She threw a little fit tonight (think terrible 2's) when I was putting her PJ's on and now has a little lump on her head. She got angry at mommy when I wouldn't let her have the little bottle of pediacare and threw her head back right into the edge of the changing table! OUCH. I freaked out and wanted to call the Doctor. But, Steve pointed out that she was no longer crying and was dancing while throwing the remotes off of the end table. I guess he's right. I have to learn that she is going to bonk her head from time to time. Enjoy these...

So, tonight Steve was finally mounting our new picture over the fireplace. Dani of course saw the ladder and immediately wanted to help Daddy. She has become a little climber. She is not even walking on her own yet but thinks she can scale just about anything. I think I owe this new found love of climbing to Gymboree. Oops!

Taking a break from climbing to do a little cheezin!

Here is Daddy checking to see if it's nice and level. Mommy is also checking out his butt :-)

Daddy is done with the ladder now so don't mind if I try this out...

See, here is how ya do it. Pick one leg up and then stretch the other one out like so....

Mom, why are you telling me to get down? I am good at this!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dani's First Birthday Party From November 2006

Daniela in outfit #1 getting ready for her friends to come for the party

"Mom, put that thing away! Geez it's my freaking party"

Making silly faces with my Daddy

Playing on her new Elmo couch, one of her now prized posessions

Here she comes!

Small children could get lost in this mess! SO many gifts!

Dani washing with her cake (she didn't think eating it was all that interesting)

Some pics

I thought I would add some pics from the last few months since I just started blogging. I have to put something to keep ya'll interested in coming back right?
Here is T hammin it up with the stick on brows.

Um...hello the camera is over there. Dani can't help but stare at Tyler!

Ms. D in her wagon

This was actually just minutes before I put my back out! OUCH....

Monday, January 22, 2007


I decided after reading everyone's blogs (both Guat. parents and others) to stop being a lurker and start participating. This blog journals my life with my rockin husband Steve and my two wiggleworms Tyler and Daniela. Tyler is my stepson and he is 8. He has always been our little stinker. An amazing kid. Daniela is my Guatemalan Princess born 11/14/05 and came home 4/05. She is now 14 months and she has made our family whole.