Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Days and Rainy Days

Well, it's been raining here a lot. So, I thought I would post some pics from a few weeks ago. We had a weekend of glorious weather. My good friend Kija came down and took some pics of Daniela at the park. I love these. She is a great photographer if anyone wants pics taken of their special event or children. You can leave a comment if you would like her contact info :-) Anyhow, Dani started taking 3-7 steps on her own on Valentines Day. It appears that Steve won the family poll of when she would walk. She is definitely NOT walking yet, but hopefully she will keep trying. I have been joking that she may crawl down the aisle LOL. She has also become an accomplished climber. Kind of amazing that a person can scale a ladder or jungle gym but not walk yet. Post more pics soon. I promise!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Funny Valentine

Daniela and T were playing the other night and I had a chance to snap a few pictures of her being silly as usual. Here she is mugging the camera..

Ms. Silly Face

Getting ready to ride her new Zebra. Love this jumper!

What Zebra ride would be complete without a Duplo Block in hand?

And for the Grand Finale....

She rides the Zebra while holding the Duplo in her mouth and humming a tune!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Say Cheese

My T is always cheesin for the camera. We were having fun last night and playing with the camera. Here are some pics!

Daniela and a Spoon

Lately Dani has been wanting to feed herself with a spoon. She of course being the little ham that she is decided to crack herself up (and us too) by doing some tricks with her spoon....

Getting ready.....

Ta Da

Bravo! Bravo! Encore!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Odds and Ends

Poor Dani was kind of a Ms. Cranky Pants today. She is either teething or getting a cold. Maybe both? Mommy also felt cranky today. Grrrrr.....
Here are some random pics from the last month:
We had a big family sleepover when my Grandparents were visiting. Grandma and Grandpa slept in the office, Tyler was gone that night so Nana (my Mom) was to sleep in his bed and Papa (my Dad) took the couch. In the morning Papa was nowhere to be found. Apparantly the couch was lonely and it was worth squeezing into a twin bed to be with Nana. How cute. This is 28 years of marriage folks!

Dani is practicing standing and using the telephone here. She is SO talented! Getting the phone away from her took major talent on my part.

Love this one. Her hair is now long enough for the two pony's.

Here she is kissing her Great Grandpa. His 80th birthday was the week this was taken. She loves her Great Grandparents. Grandpa make her favorite paddy cakes (pancakes) just like he did for mommy.