Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Days and Rainy Days

Well, it's been raining here a lot. So, I thought I would post some pics from a few weeks ago. We had a weekend of glorious weather. My good friend Kija came down and took some pics of Daniela at the park. I love these. She is a great photographer if anyone wants pics taken of their special event or children. You can leave a comment if you would like her contact info :-) Anyhow, Dani started taking 3-7 steps on her own on Valentines Day. It appears that Steve won the family poll of when she would walk. She is definitely NOT walking yet, but hopefully she will keep trying. I have been joking that she may crawl down the aisle LOL. She has also become an accomplished climber. Kind of amazing that a person can scale a ladder or jungle gym but not walk yet. Post more pics soon. I promise!


The McKenzie Crew said...

I am luvin that smile:):)


Corey said...

Those are great photos!
Well wth a subject like that, its hard not to have good ones!