Saturday, March 3, 2007

Live from Cali it's Saturday Night!

We had such a fun day today. Steve took Tyler to play golf and Dani and I went to the park with our friends Jen and her daughter Sydney. Sydney is only 11 months but she is already walking. Dani is so intrigued and is trying so hard to walk around Sydney. She is now able to take 7-10 steps at a time. We all went to dinner at Chevy's tonight and the girls ate cheese quesadillas. Dani loves Chevys. It's not exactly good Mexican food but a good family restaurant. Plus, I don't mind their margaritas! LOL

When we got home we goofed around with the camera. Steve as usual refused his picture and preferred to stay behind the camera.

Oh...and to all my blog pals. Please tell me how to get in on the SBP. I would love to be someone's SBP and it wouldn't be bad to be on the receiving end either :-) I saw the same question on Savannah's mommies blog but there was nowhere to leave comments.

Ciao and have a good weekend!


The McKenzie Crew said...

You guys are a gorgeous bunch:)


Corey said...

SBP email
I will meail you the questions!
She's so cute

Carrie said...

Gets cuter by the moment! Love the photos. I see Corey gave you the info. She gave it to me too. Don't know why the comments section was missing from my blog??? Technology???


Alleen said...

Michelle at has all of the details on the SBP. She sets it all up.

Adorable pics!!

Michelle Smiles said...

You found me! We are going to get the next round going soon (hopefully this weekend but no promises because I'm a little scattered over this fostering thing!)

Ashley said...

You have such a gorgeous family! :)