Thursday, February 1, 2007

Odds and Ends

Poor Dani was kind of a Ms. Cranky Pants today. She is either teething or getting a cold. Maybe both? Mommy also felt cranky today. Grrrrr.....
Here are some random pics from the last month:
We had a big family sleepover when my Grandparents were visiting. Grandma and Grandpa slept in the office, Tyler was gone that night so Nana (my Mom) was to sleep in his bed and Papa (my Dad) took the couch. In the morning Papa was nowhere to be found. Apparantly the couch was lonely and it was worth squeezing into a twin bed to be with Nana. How cute. This is 28 years of marriage folks!

Dani is practicing standing and using the telephone here. She is SO talented! Getting the phone away from her took major talent on my part.

Love this one. Her hair is now long enough for the two pony's.

Here she is kissing her Great Grandpa. His 80th birthday was the week this was taken. She loves her Great Grandparents. Grandpa make her favorite paddy cakes (pancakes) just like he did for mommy.


Alleen said...

The pics are toooo cute! Love the one of them squeezed into the tiny bed. How sweet.

Ellie Puls said...

OH my goodness.... SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the post on my blog... I just caught up on yours, and am so glad that you are blogging...

AS FOR TEXAS... Let me know if you want to swap house!!!!! I WANT OUT OF TEXAS, and to be near the family.... Of course for Angelena to be raise by her family!!!

Keep in touch... I have added you to my Favorites!

Carrie said...


Thanks for posting on my blog! I love your blog and Daniela is gorgeous! I love her hair and outfits! We are so lucky to have our little princesses!


Ashley said...

What a total doll!

28 years! How sweet =)

The McKenzie Crew said...

cute family pics!


Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

Ok That is too funny and too sweet after 28 years of marriage. I love it that you thought to get that picture!!! I really love the playdate pictures too

The McKenzie Crew said...

May I add your blog to my link list? I love reading it and it makes it easier to get to ya! Email me and let me know:)

Julia McKenzie


Ellie Puls said...

Just found out maybe getting a job in Sac... So, I think I want to be in between the Bay Area and Sac... Cordelia, Benicia, or Green Valley area..

Can't wait!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Here is my email: