Thursday, May 17, 2007

Brother has an ice cream cone

So...I have been MIA I just realized it has been two weeks since my last post. I apologize for being such a terrible no good blogger. Things have been hectic around here. Steve is doing better. The job search is on and he is hoping to find something soon. IN the meantime our yard is looking really good :-) And all those little projects around the house are finally getting done. Lovin my hubby!

We leave for San Diego in three weeks and I am really looking forward to our long weekend getaway. We will be taking the kids to Seaworld, the Zoo and the Beach. We really need this break and I think it will be much needed fun and relaxation for everyone. Wait...who am I kidding a vacation with a 18month old? Ok, maybe lots of fun but I doubt relaxation is in the cards.

These were taken last week when Tyler got an ice cream cone and Dani found herself feeling a little left out. She promptly tried to help herself to her brother's cone. He did share some but it took a lot of fight and effort on her part.

Big shout out to Julia on her new beautiful girl Abby Grace. You are such a beautiful bunch! Also, happy that Corey and family got to visit their little baby Addy. I talked with Dani's foster Mom in Guatemala last night which was great. It was a thirty minute conversation all in Spanish. I caught about 70% of it so that was good ;-) I also did a lot of "si" and "si, yo entiendo!" even when I had no clue. I would like to take Dani back to visit but I know it will be awhile before we can take her. I want her to be a little older so she can get it and enjoy the trip.


Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

SO HAPPY TO SEE NEW PICTURES...girl you were about to get in TROUBLE with me. The July trip is the 6th-8th....Maybe you can come by after the wedding I really want to meet you but thats when the resort is doing the activities so we kind of have to go along with it!!!

Michelle Smiles said...

Such cuties!

The McKenzie Crew said...


New pics:)

I love the Dora couch - wish I coud fond a Diego one:)


Carrie said...

We've missed you. Glad things are looking up! The photos are adorable! Love the naked ones above. They do love to run around in the buff! Dani just gets more gorgeous every day!

ginger said...

Too cute!!!