Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh Blokus How I Love Thee...

This is my new new favorite thing to do with my husband and Tyler. Want to know why??? Cuz I can beat the pants off of them that's why! Never before have I been so good at any game. I NEVER win people! Seriously. I now have the ability to challenge them to a game that I have been winning every time. I am sure they are sick of my gloating and sheer excitement since my Mom gave Tyler this game last weekend. I can't get enough.

It's just a game of strategy involving tetris shaped pieces. Simple to learn and play. I have never really been a game person but I have been known to become a little obsessed once in awhile with Bejeweled and Tetris. Once a year or so I will have down time at work and play Tetris or Bejeweled on the computer. Then I become an addict and have to wean myself off. I get bored and forget about it for ahwhile. This game reminds me of those and man it's fun. Ok, yes I'm a dork!

I will post some new pics over the weekend. We are going to see Aisha Tyler tomorrow night at a comedy club. I think she is pretty funny. I had wanted to go last week because Anjelah Johnson was playing. I hadn't heard of her until recently when I saw this. Hilarious...not meant to offend anyone. She seriously has that accent down pat!

BTW is it at all fair that she is that pretty and funny??? If she is that funny that probably means she is smart too. Ughh JK :-)


Kelly said...

OMG when we were waiting for Sky to come home I was sooooooo obsessed with Bejeweled. LOVE IT !!!! Your kids are darling. I love your blog. Talk to you soon :)

Kelly said...

Hilarious video BTW