Monday, November 10, 2008


Ok, I'm back. It's been 7 months since I last posted according to blogger and we have been busy just living life. Dani will be turning 3 on Friday and we have had one birthday festivity after another. My Grandparents are in town and the big family birthday bash will be this weekend. I can't believe our baby is turning 3 years old. Time is flying by and we are having fun. Tyler is doing great and really improving in school this year. He has a great teacher who seems to be doing a good job with him. Last year before middle school has us shaking in our boots but we are trying to focus on the positive! LOL

Here are a few pics from the last few months. I will try to start posting regularly again. I miss blogging.

At my cousin Judith's wedding in Houston. I love this pic of us. Just too bad Tyler wasn't in it or we would have our holiday card!

Tyler and Dani at the Pumpkin Patch

Big T

Mommy squeezing her ass into the ride because Dani was freaked out by the horn. Oh the things we do for love. My head was spinning when we got off but we had a happy kiddo!

Mommy and Dani riding the train at the pumpkin patch

More posts and lots of pics to come....


JuJu - said...

You have such a beautiful family D - I have missed you - I think you rock:)

Kelly said...

So glad your back I missed you. I totally could NOT get my ass in that ride if I tried!!!!LOL

Candy said...

HOLY really are ALIVE..hehe

I was wondering about you....we MISSED YOU and you need to be BETTER hear...Call me soon


Natalie C. said...

YEAH!!!! I have missed you.