Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quiet Moments

I am here with a quiet moment and I can't stop thinking where did the time go? My baby girl turns 3 tomorrow and I feel like I can reach back and touch the day we got her referral. The day we saw her for the first time, the ache of not having her home. She has blossomed into this darling little person that makes my heart swell. She completes our family in the most perfect way. She is funny, bright, kind, sweet and SOOO incredibly spirited. She has such a zest and love for life that really amazes me. Some things have happened recently that have made me want to pull my family in close and squeeze them so tight. I appreciate my daughter, stepson and husband so much and I know how lucky I am to have them.

We went to the movies tonight and it was the first time Dani has sat through a movie at the theater. We had tried awhile back but she wasn't ready. Tonight she watched all of Madagascar and it was really fun. I tucked the kids into bed and as I type this she is singing to herself the way she does every night. A medley of tunes that change quite often. She knows so many songs it boggles our minds. I am so grateful that my dream of being a Mom was realized through adoption. Sorry I am babbling on and on but I really just had so many feelings welling up in my heart tonight with her birthday being tomorrow and seeing all of the changes in her lately that show me she is growing up. Not really a baby anymore! So....I want to wish my big girl a Happy Birthday and say Mommy and Daddy and Tyler love you with all of our hearts and you are the best doodle bug in the whole wide world!

I will post more pics this weekend!


Lilysmom said...

Happy Birthday Dani! You are one special Guatemalan Princess. That Princess Sassa has nothing on you.

Kerri said...

Happy birthday, Dani!!!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Dani!!!!!

Jen Hodder said...

Your kids are adorable! I just noticed you're from Pleasanton. I lived there for many years and went to Donlon Elementary. We then moved to San Ramon and my parents still have a house there!

I just wanted to stop by and thank you so much for following along and thank you especially for your comment on my blog today!

Have a great New Year!