Thursday, March 27, 2008

FFF - Tagged

I have a lot of recent pics to post. I took Dani to see her favorite band this week...The Wiggles. It was a lot of fun and she really enjoyed it (ok, I did too). I will say thought that the couple behind us went beyond enjoying it with their kids and freaked me out a little bit. Mom and Dad and small girl were all in full Wiggles getup. Dad looked like a stand in for the wiggles. It was hard to keep a straight face as we took our seats. I really wanted to whip around and snap their picture for my blog but alas, I was too chicken.

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As you can see Carebear goes EVERYWHERE with us. Here she is when the show started. I think she was a little taken by all the lights, music, people etc.

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Here you can see she has gotten into it. She pulled some serious moves out of her bag of tricks. I have no idea where she gets them!

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Su Novio! Out of the blue she sat next to this boy. They were soo cute together

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Note to the Wiggles. The new Wiggle "Sam" is ok but the other guy was way hotter!

This weekend I will post some pics from last weekend. For the mean time Dani has been TAGGED by Candy and Kya Blu. So here goes:

The directions are to post 10 random bits about yourself and then tag 10 more people.

1. Daniela was given her name by her birthmother. Steve and I didn't agree on almost a single name and we had agreed she would be Zoe. When we found out her name was Daniela we both loved it and decided to keep her given name. We gave her a middle name Marisol which means "sunny sea". Somehow her nickname Dani has stuck and this is what we usually call her.

2. Dani loves to EAT. She loves almost all foods especially carrots, fruit, green beans, pancakes, macaroni and cheese, pizza and ice cream. She will not eat anything fried. Not even chicken nuggets or french fries. She eats more at most meals then her big brother Tyler. We are not sure where it all goes!

3. Dani's first word was "up". As in pick me "up" out of this crib.

4. She loves the Wiggles, her Care Bear, Dora and Elmo. When she says Elmo it sounds like "Homo". This is sometimes embarrasing for her Mommy when she says it out loud shouting and pointing in public. It's especially offensive since we live 35 minutes from San Francisco!

5. Daniela recognizes the letters D, M, O, S, X and Z and knows their sounds. This makes her mommy really proud. This is mostly attributed to the Leap Frog Fridge Alphabet. We spent a whole evening with my Grandparents where she walked around asking "Where's the Ass?". We later found out she was looking for the missing Letter 'S' for the fridge!

6. Dani's favorite place to be is the park. She loves swinging, sliding and climbing.

7. She is a morning person and loves giving hugs and kisses to her family when she wakes up.

8. Daniela is crazy about music and enjoys Laurie Berkner and the Music Together CD's most. When we are in the car music is required and it has to be HER choice. She is not interested in anyone elses music.

9. She has a great sense of humor and makes us laugh all the time. She is silly and gets jokes.

10. Ms. D loves to talk on the phone. Her favorite thing to say on the phone (repeatedly) is "heyo" (hello).

This weekend I will post a tag for Tyler. I am going to tag the following people:

Wendy -
Alleen -
Carrie -
Ellie -
Kelli -
Kelly -
Sarah -
Tracey -
Karen -
Ginger -


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Thanks so much for the tag!!! Love the pictures. She is all in to those Wiggles. Too cute.

Kelli said...

Kaleb loves the wiggles!! I wish that they would come to Lexington!!! It looks like you all had a great time!!!
Oh and thanks for the tag!!!

Ellie said...

Ok Little miss D... YOu tagged me, so I will do it...

ALSO... A & A Birthday party 5/3 and Angelos Baptism is 5/24... AND SOMEONE SPECIAL IS COMING ON THE 5/24~!~!~!~!~ Hope we all will see you guys there... I will email all the details later...




Candy said...

GOOD GIRL...You were FAST...OH I CAN"T wait to have our girls together....HUGS

Katie said...

Love her dance moves !!

Carrie said...

Savannah is a big Wiggles fan too. We took her in August and she was in awe, but I think she would enjoy it way more now. I hope they come back around.

She is SO cute! I think our girls have a lot of similarities.

Kelly said...

We have gotten out of the Wiggles lately.

How hard did you laugh when Dani was asking "Where's the ass?"?

Darn it,I was already tagged.