Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shoe Love

So, I am a a self proclaimed shoe whore. I love shoes! I saw these today and had to do a post about shoes. I think I gravitate towards shoes because they are pretty, you can never have too many and they don't ever make me look fat! Well, maybe those strappy sandals if they are too narrow. But, you get my point! These however, speak for themselves and don't need any commentary. Ok one word HEINOUS! LOL

The "High Tide Shoe"

The Marc Jacobs Backwards Heel Shoe

And the one I love to hate the most "Heelless, Heel Shoe"


Kelly said...

Oh Dear God ...the first one is it a flipper or a shoe? What the hell os it? LOL The others are just plain HIDEOUS!!!

Tracey said...

I saw those Marc Jacobs ones the other day! Wack! I can't believe anyone would wear any of them! I love shoes too, but I draw the line at ridiculous!

Christina said...

OMGosh those have got to be some of the most hideous shoes I have ever seen. Pleas tell me you didn't add these to your shoe collection...lol.